Save Water

Flyer to save water

On May 19, 2015, the Anaheim City Council approved an ordinance to restrict landscape watering to two days per week, in an effort to reduce daily water use during the ongoing drought. The ordinance will help Anaheim achieve its required water reduction target of 20% set by the State Water Control Resources Board.

So what does this mean for Dad Miller Golf Course?

We will be doing our part to conserve and reduce water use by the following measures:

  • We will be reducing sprinkler run times in “out of play areas” throughout the golf course in the rough, perimeters, slopes, etc.
  • We will be eliminating sprinklers that do not impact playing conditions.
  • We will be adjusting sprinklers to eliminate run-off onto sidewalks, parking lot areas and streets.
  • In the restaurant we will serve water only upon request.

Thank you for your understanding.